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Why have coffee brewed from old and low grade coffee beans? Shouldn't your money be spent on quality and freshness?

Fikarast provides you with high quality coffee beans that are roasted fresh. Compare our coffee beans to other brands and discover that their beans have been sitting on the shelves of stores for months or even years. Quality and freshness are two things that we value in our products and that's what we want to offer to all of our customers.

Don't let your taste buds miss out on good taste.

How do you drink your coffee? Black, Caffe Latte, Cappuccino, or Expresso?

Select coffee beans that are suitable for how you prepare your coffee. Quality and freshness in combination with equipment and skills bring out the taste that is locked in our beans. Preparation techniques and equipment type affect the outcome of the coffee made.

Ask one of our consultants and get an answer on whether your equipment is able to make great coffee.

Try our new Special 816 Blend carefully created to overwhelm your senses. Six types of Arabica beans are blended in different ratios to get that elusive perfection that excites the taste buds of connoisseurs.

Our Special 816 Blend is 100% Arabica. Try it and fall in love with our commitment to creating pleasure in every cup of coffee made from our beans.